Patton Oswalt’s pre-comedy jobs emblazoned in wood, a birthday gift from his brother

On Thursday night’s The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Patton Oswalt talked about turning 45, and receiving a very special gift from his brother, writer/director Matt Oswalt.

It’s a wood frame emblazoned with all of the jobs Patton held before deciding to pursue stand-up comedy full-time. “He burned my employment history before I became a comedian onto a big plank of wood,” he told Fallon.

Frank’s Family Restaurant: “Pizza restaurant. I didn’t even cook pizzas. I prepped for the pizza cooks…I was cutting open giant bags of industrial shredded cheese and was dumping them…it was fantastic!”

Sugarland Run Community Center: “I basically had a bag and a stick. And I went around my community and if something was plugging something in a drain, or if there was something weird in the road, I picked it up with my stick and put it in my bag,” he said. “My stick and my gun, I just realized, were my gun and my badge. Like, if I had messed up, my supervisor would have gone, ‘I want your stick and your bag on my desk…by 9 a.m. tomorrow.'”

“Waxie Maxie’s was a record store that I got fired from, thank God. Because if I had heard the Mr. Mister album with ‘Broken Wings’ on it one more time. I wanted to play the Dead Kennedys, like ‘Frankenchrist.’ They were like, ‘No, we’re going to play Mr. Mister again.”

“Sounds Unlimited, I was a wedding and party DJ. We were the lower-tier DJ company, so we got all of the weird forced weddings and forced retirements. It was. I was the ambient music for sadness.”

Related: Of course, Patton Oswalt recorded a great bit about which birthdays you’re allowed to celebrate in adulthood, which is on his “Werewolves and Lollipops” album.” Here’s a video version of it he did for Comedy Central’s Live at Gotham.

Oswalt’s latest stand-up special, “Tragedy Plus Comedy Equals Time,” premiered on EPIX and will air for the first time on Comedy Central in April.

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