Conan O’Brien had Shameless star Emmy Rossum on Thursday night’s episode of Conan, and after sharing the recent cover shot Rossum scored for Complex magazine, Rossum, fellow guest Joseph Gordon-Levitt and O’Brien opened up about how difficult it can be to comply with the directives of photographers.

Especially, O’Brien said, if you’re a comedian.

“I’ve found that if you’re in comedy, and you show up for any kind of photo shoot, they’re always wanting you to do something ‘wacky.’ Usually the night before, they’ve had a couple of ideas. And then you show up, and it’s like, ‘We built a giant toilet! And you’re coming out of it! Holding your nose!’ And you’re like, ‘What?’ They’re like, ‘It’s crazy wacky!’ It’s me coming out of a toilet. Why would I want to do that? But I always do.”

Rossum wondered how she’s supposed to look when a photographer suggests “you have a secret.” JGL hates being told “to be yourself,” because that would mean he wouldn’t even be at the photo shoot.

Roll the clip!

The above shot is from Conan O’Brien’s cover spread impersonating several other famous icons for Fast Company.