Paul Scheer and Rob Huebel took their Crash Test audience on a bus tour to the homes of Los Angeles comedians and filmed it for Red Hour, Paramount

If you saw a large tour bus rolling along the streets of Los Angeles last weekend with the faces of Paul Scheer and Rob Huebel painted on its side, with them inside, then you got a first glimpse at their upcoming Crash Test stand-up special.

As Scheer jokingly told his Twitter followers @PaulScheer early Monday morning: “.@robhuebel & I were cursed at, framed, attacked, lied to, painted, security checked & warned, and drugged. #crashtestbus @CrashTestShow

The truth is out there.

How much of it can be revealed now?

This much is true. Paul Scheer and Rob Huebel normally host their Crash Test stand-up showcase at the UCB Theatre in Los Angeles. Crash Test originated several years ago with Aziz Ansari in New York City, then begat their trio, sketches such as “Illusionators” and “Shutterbugs,” which you saw on MTV as Human Giant.

Scheer told The Comic’s Comic that he and Huebel “teamed up with Red Hour and Paramount to do CRASH TEST on a bus.”

It’s all an extension of the freedom that comes with hosting and producing a late-night Monday show.

“We continued doing the show for years after and it’s always been a this more experimental space because it’s 11PM on a Monday,” Scheer told The Comic’s Comic. “We’ve done shows were we do whatever we want. We’ve set the audience up on blind dates, celebrated Passover, premiered movies and so many other things. So to keep upping the ante of what we could do, Rob and I have joked onstage about taking the audience of our show on a bus around L.A. and driving to stand-ups’ houses. We never could figure out the right bus and the fact we just were too lazy to try. But Mike Rosenstein from Red Hour who has been (a) loyal fan and friend, really got behind it and Paramount was really excited about doing this as well. So they wrote a check and we got this amazing bus I once saw in NYC (which is a part of THE RIDE) we shipped out (here) and did the show.”

Taping completed over the weekend. Crash Test the movie does not yet have a release date.

Stay tuned.

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