As seen on Family Feud: Pastor’s wife says what she won’t swallow

What’s the weirdest thing about this clip: That Family Feud asked this question? That the show aired this response on TV? That it then put this on YouTube? That Steve Harvey is still hosting? That Steve Harvey gave this woman a full minute to reconsider her answer before saying it out loud? That the woman is a pastor’s wife and identified herself as such before answering? That her name is Magen? That she insisted the answer was on the board?

The moment photographed above and videotaped for posterity below was when Magen, the pastor’s wife, told Steve Harvey that, of 100 people surveyed, some of them and she said she was one of them, would put sperm in their mouth but would not swallow it. Yep. That happened.

This generation finally has something to rival the game-show moment when a Newlywed Game contestant told host Bob Eubanks that the weirdest place she’d ever had whoopie was “in the butt, Bob.”

Roll the clip!

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