Did you know that Phil Palisoul won the 2013 Great American Comedy Festival competition this summer in Nebraska? Fun fact.

Palisoul’s good fortunes continued into early fall, as he got to perform last week on Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.

His set includes one of the gosh darned funniest things I’ve heard from a stand-up comedian last week, considering other things that happened in the world of comedy last week:

“Not much you can do in this job. I can’t punch a guy. That’s about it! And I don’t know that I would punch a guy if I could, but I think I’d like to have the ability to punch a guy at work, and not get in trouble. Like a hockey player. Now doggone it, that guy is at work! He rips the shirt off a co-worker and punches him in the face, and he gets to go sit down for five minutes!”

The rest of it is funny stuff, too. Roll the clip!