Check out the Humble Comedy Bundle: Buy seven great stand-up sets, give the $ to charity!

If you want to buy some solid stand-up comedy from the past couple of years, and have your purchases go to good causes, perhaps you might check out the new Humble Comedy Bundle.

From the makers of Humble Bundle, the site is a limited-time-offer that allows you as a consumer to pay what you want to download music and videos, and then also designate where the money goes. To the artists directly, to charities — The EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) which defends individuals’ digital rights such as comedy podcasters, as well as Child’s Play, which provides video games and toys to kids in hospitals — or to the Humble Bundle organization.

The Humble Comedy Bundle is currently available for download for two weeks, beginning today at


“The Humble Comedy Bundle” includes: Louis CK’s Live at the Beacon Theater (both video and audio); the late Patrice O’Neal’s comedy albums Mr. P. and Unreleased as well as a short video of unreleased animation; Tig Notaro’s “Live” (audio);  Maria Bamford’s Special Special Special (video); Hannibal Buress’ album, My Name is Hannibal and Jim Norton’s Please Be Offended (video).

“What we pride ourselves on most, aside from the quality of artists and content we offer, is our business model,” said co-founder John Graham. “We take an unconventional approach, giving consumers complete control over how much they want to spend, as well as where they’d like to see their money go. But it’s proven to be a ‘win-win-win’ in that our platform benefits the consumers, the artists, and the charities.  And this has really allowed us to live up to our name.”

Here’s a sales pitch starring Maria Bamford.

Roll the clip!

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