Emma Willmann to host new SiriusXM spotlight show for comedians: “The Check Spot”

The “check spot” at a comedy club often presents a catch-22 for hungry stand-up comedians: You get a chance to perform for the big crowd, but it’s happening right before the headliner (or sometimes during the headliner’s set) and coincides with the servers dropping off the bills so your audience is most distracted.

The Check Spot on SiriusXM hopefully sounds and works a lot better.

It’s a new monthly show debuting Tuesday, March 1, 2016, hosted by Emma Willmann and featuring clips and interviews with up-and-coming stand-ups.

The debut airs at 3 p.m. EST Tuesday on SiriusXM’s Raw Dog Comedy Hits channel 99, with Willmann playing tracks from Paul Virzi’s “Night At The Stand,” Nick Cobb’s “Too Broke For Therapy” and Steph Tolev’s “Hot N’ Hungry” albums, as well as interviewing each of them.

New episodes will air in that hour on the first Tuesday of every month, with added reruns and On Demand availability afterward.

Willmann has performed as a “New Face” at Montreal’s Just For Laughs, plus other festivals including¬†The Glasgow International Comedy, the SiriusXM South Beach Comedy Festival, and the New York Comedy Festival.

“We are looking for new talent to feature on the show,” Willmann said. “We want people¬†who have never been on Raw Dog radio before. We want to hear your stuff. Feature it. Highlight it. Give you a shout-out. Give you some promo — and — it doesn’t matter where you’re at in your career. This is the beautiful thing. You can be doing comedy eight months to 15 years, and just never gotten on the channel. We want to feature you! We want to showcase your stuff. This is the Raw Dog equivalent of the check spot. This is your chance to get on SiriusXM Raw Dog radio. I can guarantee that we will listen to everything we get, and if it’s a good fit for the show, we’re going to play it! So. Send us your stuff.”

Comedians can send their material to TheCheckSpotShow@gmail.com

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