Liz Meriwether on the Nick-Jess relationship from “New Girl,” before and after “the kiss”

Did you watch Tuesday’s episode of New Girl on FOX yet?

Well, you should have. It’s Thursday. What is wrong with you? You’re on the Internet clicking on and reading something about New Girl. Hold your spoiler alerts and get with the program.

Nick (Jake Johnson) and Jess (Zooey Deschanel) became a little bit more than roommates in this week’s episode. Roll the clip!

But what does it mean???

New Girl creator Liz Meriwether told The Hollywood Reporter on Wednesday that they’ve already shot four more episodes past the scene that aired this week, and the Nick-Jess relationship has become more “nebulous” since. As for them hooking up at all, Meriwether explained: “It wasn’t something that we planned that much. It was a kind of feeling that we got just from watching them together over the course of the season. We just felt like all of the stories were revolving around them, and they were just getting closer and closer in their friendship. It feels like an organic time for it to happen. It took us by surprise, and we liked that because we felt it would take the audience by surprise a little bit, too. Instead of plotting it all out where you can see it coming a mile away, we wanted it to feel a little more surprising. I think a lot of the time on the show we look and see what is happening on set and we build our stories off of that. This is definitely one of those moments.”

Back in October, however, Meriwether offered this thoughts on the Nick-Jess friendship and whether it’d be a relationship like any of Meriwether’s own relationships during a panel at the New York Television Festival, after a joke that Nick and Jess would end up “fucking” on the show:

“Things start in reality, and then they build to, you know…Yeah. I mean. I did have a friend, who was a guy. And we. Actually…We were both dating other people. And then they both dumped us. And they started dating each other. And then we became friends. And we sort of felt like we could never have sex, because we would validate our shitty exes’ choices. And that was kind of how… That friendship in the show was sort of inspired by that friendship in my life. It was the first time I kind of had this friend who was a total player and an asshole, and he was just telling me things from the guys sort of side of the equation. It did sort of inspire me to write the show.”

Pressed to reveal whether Nick and Jess would end up having sex together, Meriwether answered in October, perhaps only half-jokingly: “Yeah, but he’ll marry someone else.”

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