Just when you thought Ronna & Beverly was merely a UCB LA theater piece that you didn’t get and couldn’t figure out, guess what? The United Kingdom has decided we all need to see Ronna & Beverly!

Jamie Denbo told The Comic’s Comic: “The English have a wonderful comic sensibility. They seem to like obnoxious Americans taking the piss out of them (in a respectful way, of course). And I think the overbearing matriarch is a global phenomenon, so it works everywhere. Today UK – tomorrow Saudi Arabia!”

Sky Atlantic HD ordered six episodes of the “mock talk show” with middle-aged Jewish American mothers Ronna and Beverly (Jamie Denbo and Jessica Chaffin). Their pilot episode featured guests Jon Hamm and Stephen Mangan. Paul Feig is directing. Denbo and Chaffin shot a different-styled R&B pilot for Showtime in 2009.

If all goes well, maybe we’ll get to see Ronna and Beverly stateside, too!