Will Ferrell (friend of Conan O’Brien) made a surprise appearance last night on Conan in his “Ron Burgundy” character to make a very special announcement: He’s finally reached a deal with Paramount Pictures to make a sequel to the Anchorman movie.

Here’s Ferrell in his stayest classiest San Diegoist to relay the news:

Adam McKay will direct and write the script with Ferrell. Co-stars Steve Carell, Paul Rudd and David Koechner will return. Judd Apatow will produce. Apatow wrote on Twitter: “Anchorman 2 is on!┬áBy on I mean it is going to be made. Anchorman 2 is not actually on TV right now.” McKay added: “A few people questioning if Anchorman 2 is 100% for sure happening. Let me assure and assuage: it is. We’re writing now and we shoot in Feb”

Funny or Die (a Ferrell/McKay/Apatow operation), also shot some backstage footage during Conan.