RIP: Cain Lopez

Cain Lopez died Thursday. The stand-up comedian, who began in the Bay Area and based himself out of Burbank, Calif., was only 30.

UPDATED: Here are the funeral arrangements. Viewing from 5 to 8 p.m. Monday, July 20 (with a rosary at 7 p.m. at the funeral home, McCune Garden Chapel, 212 Main St., Vacaville, Calif. Mass of Christian Burial at 10 a.m. Tuesday, July 21 at St. Mary's Catholic Church, Vacaville, Calif.

Starting his comedy career in his teens, he already had gotten out of the trailer parks, survived a car accident that had shattered his jaw and broken his femur in 2002, then jaw cancer in 2003. Lopez had appeared on "Loco Comedy Jam," the "Latino Locos" DVD and other shows and he had made many friends among comedians up and down the West Coast. A recent diagnosis of lung cancer, however, sent him back to the hospital for good just over a month ago. Here was a message Cain Lopez sent out from his hospital bed, gratefully acknowledging the love his friends had shown him (even sadder to watch now that he has passed):

As recently as July 1, the Ice House in Pasadena, Calif., held a fund-raiser for Lopez. And upon his death, his friends and fellow comedians were quick to pay offer their condolences publicly on Twitter and Facebook. I'm sharing a few of the initial status messages from our mutual friends after the jump, as well as a clip of Lopez onstage doing stand-up. If I get word on the plans for his funeral, I'll be sure to post them here.

Dan Smith My man, Cain….Usted es una inspiraci√≥n. Usted siempre ser√° recordado como un buen amigo y un fant√°stico comedian.The mundo perdido una persona importante el d√≠a de hoy. Rest in peace, my friend.

Ian Bagg i first met Cain Lopez at Rooster T feathers in sunnyvale california .He loved the fact that he was doing comedy. He asked me a thousand questions. I wish he had asked me a million more. good bye my friend

Lang Parker RIP -Cain Lopez. I had the pleasure working with him at the San Francisco Comedy Festival a few years back. He was a gem and will be missed. A true talent.

Travis Simmons QOD – God just told me don't worry, it's alright, Cain Lopez is opening for Michael Jackson tonight. – me

Alysia Wood RIP, Cain Lopez. You were one of the most fearless and humble members of the fraternity. I remember hustling with you on the road 10 years ago; years of leads, talks, shows, stories, competitions and even emergency lodging. I'll never forget the competition where you made sure I got an encore every night no matter what and how hard we laughed about it when I got in trouble. RIP.

Harveys ComedyClub Today one of the funniest and genuine comic to bless our stage has past away. RIP Cain Lopez. Everyone at Harvey's will miss you.

Carl Warmenhoven Cain Lopez was one of the nicest and most gracious comedians to grace the stage of the Comedy Underground. He was also one of the most pleasant and undemanding comics to work with. Many laughs have been lost with his passing.

Ruben Paul Cain Lopez. A genuine loving guy, talented comedian, and great person. I am glad to have called him a friend. Will cherish all the memories, especially all my visits to the hospital this last month of his life. Even while fighting for his life he remained in a great mood. We would joke around and laugh almost our entire visit. That's the kind of person Cain was. My prayers are with his family. I'll miss you. R.I.P

Here is a video from 2008 at one of the Improvs, also made sadder by his opening line. But he had made the most of his earlier tragedies. He will be missed. Watch (note: some language is NSFW):

Cain Lopez LIVE at the Improv

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9 thoughts on “RIP: Cain Lopez

  1. My God bless you and your family, its a sad day to lose a Good man like you, watch over and guide us all pal! Save us a place in Heaven!

  2. I remember hosting this show like it was yesterday. I was Cain’s roomie in Burbank for a while and we took about 3 trips up to Washington in my Tahoe. With those trips and last year’s SF Comedy Competition, Cain and I logged a few thousand miles on the road, doing what we loved. Traveling to different venues, new and old, to bring laughter to anyone who would listen. We have all been touched in some way. For some it was through watching him, yet for others it was his incredible ability to find the right way to tell a joke or that perfect tag to get another laugh.
    I will never forget you and you will always be an inspiration for me to stay strong in this industry.
    I love you my friend!
    Steve Monroe

  3. Cain and I drove up to the SF Comedy Competition in ’07. We had never met but after a six hour drive together the picture was very clear; I was in the company of a very good man.
    Cain’s support of the comics was unwavering and his enthusiasm helped me personally in my second week in the comp. I was the only girl but Cain made sure I didn’t feel isolated in any way and truthfully seemed to have far more confidence in me than I had in myself. He was a class act… a truly lovely person. You couldn’t actually meet a nicer person and comic and I’m still in shock that he’s gone.


  5. Blas said
    am July 24 2009 @ 12:59 am
    My name is Blas I’m Cain’s cousin by blood but more like a brother. Thanks to you for all the great stories you’ve been posting. Here’s something that Dennis Gaxiola, Sadiki Fuller and I did to honor Cain. Comedians please repost “A COMEDIAN’S LAST LIGHT”
    A COMEDIAN’S LAST LIGHT: a tradition in the comedy circles is that a light is flashed to let you know that your time on stage is up. At Cain Lopez’s funeral we started what we hope to be a new tradition for a farewell to a comedian. Cain was introduced for his final applause, after a moment of silence we shined a light on his casket, sending him off to his final standing ovation on earth…RIP Cain.on

  6. My name is DJ Ray and I was honored enough to work with cain at different venues. Most recently last year with LAPD Rampart Division for their holiday event. I booked cain for them and let me tell you he had all the Police Officers falling out of their seats! Cain was a good person and he will be missed. Cain I miss you man and I know you have the Lord and angels laughing in heaven…. May God bless you & your family.
    DJ Ray

  7. Cain Lopez and I were in love when we were teenagers we dated for awhile I did get to see him a few months before he passed away. I will always LOVE you Cain I will keep you in my heart forever and remember the good times we had together. XOXOXOX

  8. my name is chris thompson. I attended armijo high school in fairfield, ca with cain. I remember he & his family stayed on the other side of the fence from where i stayed on crowley lane. Cain was a guy that could make the crappest of days hysterical. The last time i saw him was @ pepperbelly’s in fairfield in 2009. He was doin a show. I didn’t think he’d remember me, but after the show i approached him & he stood up & said, “wassup chris? Long time, no see.” it was like we were in high school again. I just found out today that he passed away. I wish I would’ve known sooner. He was a great guy then & even now that he’s passed on. My heart goes out to the lopez family. Rest in paradise, Cain. You will be truly missed, my friend.

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