Shortly after, or perhaps during (?) his late show Friday night, Aries Spears (Note: His Web site warns it’ "may be inappropriate for children under 18," and the initial home page has him pictured grabbing a woman’s ass! This may come in handy, so to speak, later in this sentence, so to speak.) was arrested at Comix after a woman called 911 claiming he’d fondled her. According to the report by, ahem, TMZ, the call came in "shortly after midnight" and the NYPD arrested Spears within the hour, charged him with a misdemeanor of forcible touching, booked and then released him. 911? That must be some forcible touching. You are no longer watching MADtv. Spears got bumped from tonight’s show, and Comix wiped him off the site also, replacing him with a lineup that includes Godfrey, Julian McCullough, Maria Borgio and Ted Alexandro. Shows tonight at 8 and 10:45 p.m.

Speaking of MADtv, it’s back??? Yes, indeedy.

By the way, Spears left the cast of MADtv long ago, but if you’re on their site, they boast an "all-new episode" tonight. Isn’t there still a WGA strike? Or did they have taped sketches in the can 90 days ago and just airing them now? Hmmm.

I suppose the answer is yes and yes. It’s not as if MADtv had aired a bunch of new stuff before the strike, so it’s entirely possible that all of this stuff was lying around.