Roseanne Barr announces presidential run for the Green Party ticket, or the Green Tea Party ticket?

So Roseanne Barr went onto her social networks on Thursday night to announce she had filed papers with the FEC to run for the Green Party nomination for president of the United States in the 2012 election. But has she, really?

I’m not doubting her on filing the official paperwork, or for anything she said on Twitter this week.

Which includes…

“I send in the papers to seek the Green Party Nomination for President of the United States.”

“Vote for me in this Green Party Presidential Poll:’s practice for November! #Roseanne2012 #InItToWinIt

“I will run until the convention in July in Baltimore-I fully expect Jill Stein 2b the nominee& I will support her, but til then-I’ll serve”

“vote for me, I’ll fix this shit! -Barr 2012-”

“I want2 bring press attention 2 the Green Party-and speak at its convention. I want young people to know there is a new way for us to go.”

“I hope greens will run and win in every state 4 senate&representatives. Let’s do this, Greens! we will bring a dynamo to DC. #takebackUSA

“My hope is that the Green Party will replace the sold out co opted blue dog democratic party within my lifetime& bring democracy to the USA”

“what I really want: both parties be more responsive and compassionate to the American People’s needs. I’m running to make that point.”

“is possible to make the reality of americans heard2 both republican& democratic parties? That’s what I want to do! we can fix things!”

“I am only in the running to say those things that need to b said on behalf of the american people-#healthcare #jobs #solutions#middlewa

She then told CNN’s Showbiz Tonight: “i’m running to try 2 get people to look at/talk about the real problems of working people in our country.”

It’s just. Well. Roseanne already announced she was running for president two years ago. On the “Green Tea Party” ticket, which isn’t a thing. You can read her speech on her website. Or watch her 2010 announcement in two videos. Roll it.

She is serious about bringing attention to the actual Green Party ticket this year, though.

The only real trick, then, is figuring out how NBC will deal with Roseanne — based upon the fact that two days before she filed her paperwork with the Federal Election Commission, the network ordered her multi-cam comedy, Downwardly Mobile, to pilot. Of course, if NBC greenlights Roseanne’s pilot to series, her Green Party bid will have failed before fall, so the “free air-time” concerns for political candidates never will be a real issue.

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