Christina Pazsitzky, “It’s Hard Being A Person”

Christina Pazsitzky makes it easy to laugh at and with her. Pazsitsky opens her debut comedy disc,¬†“It’s Hard Being A Person,” (Rooftop Comedy) from Go Bananas by telling the audience how happy she is to be in Cincinnati, because it means she has escaped from her home in fake Los Angeles and somewhere where they have “Real Looking Dudes.” She further ingratiates herself by engaging in crowd work with said dudes, leading to big and easy laughs about a woman in the audience having sex with a guy who she thinks looks like Wilford Brimley. Then she turns the attention back onto herself, by saying that no matter what people say about hot dogs, she’ll eat them and then reveal her “Disgusting, Fat, Sweaty Stomach.” This is all covered in the first two tracks. “I totally don’t care anymore,” Pazsitsky says.

It’s not so much that Pazsitzky is a female Jim Gaffigan, although there are a couple of similarities: 1) Like Gaffigan, Pazsitzky is married, and 2) Pazsitzky calls herself out as “a lazy shit” who’ll wear sweatpants while running errands in public. At another point, she offers herself up as “the Ghost of Christmas Future” to any young, single women listening out there.

Pazsitzky isn’t afraid to use a variety of voices — her initial high-pitched refrain sounds more than a bit like a “normal” Maria Bamford, although Pazsitzky also takes on accents for her Hungarian mother, her Indian stepfather, plus several other unidentified strangers to service her routines.

She’s married to comedian Tom Segura, which makes the track “My Husband’s Balls” more of a meta revelation to those who know him.

With my apologies to her in advance for writing this here: This is one of a increasingly larger batch of stand-up comedy CDs I’ve heard this year that sound as though they’re really more of an introduction or demo reel for the industry¬†than anything else: Get to know me! This is what you need to know about me, my point of view and my lifestyle choices!

For Pazsitzky, it’s about how she’s newly married, dealing with immigrant parents, wondering if and when she should be a mother herself. Plus some dick jokes at the expense of Kim Kardashian and Hugh Hefner. Is it hard being a person? If her closing line after 53 minutes is a sales pitch for merch, then maybe Pazsitzky wasn’t lying about the title.

Sample tracks:

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