At any comedy open mic across America, you’re just as likely to see a senior citizen take the stage as you are a high-school or college student. That’s what makes the mic open.

But the other night at Philadelphia’s Helium Comedy Club, 81-year-old Arlen Specter — Pennsylvania’s longtime U.S. Senator and onetime presidential candidate (in 1996) — took a break from his retirement to deliver some jokes at Helium’s open mic night.

Among his targets: Former President Bill Clinton, former Pennsylvania Gov. (and former Philly Mayor) Ed Rendell, Herman Cain.

Roll the clip!

For some perspective, check out this clip from Washington D.C’s 2007 funniest celebrity contest at the D.C. Improv (Specter finished second). Most of his jokes are the same as the ones from this week, only the targets and wording have changed. Stand-up comedian Arlen Specter: He’s just like you!

Think he’s still got it? Think he ever had it? Do you like the jokes as repurposed the second time around? Perhaps most importantly, will you still have the itch to do stand-up at age 81?