Review: Pete Holmes, “Dirty Clean” on HBO

Pete Holmes is one of only two people who have called me “Sean L.” in everyday conversation, and it makes perfect sense.

Holmes is a comedian who loves the sounds of words. Sean L. becomes Shonnelle, which bequeaths me an alter-ego. In his previous stand-up comedy specials, Holmes has invited us to join in the fun of a friend named Pierce, poring over the phrase “edited it,” and now the joys of wearing Lululemon.

As I wrote in my review of his new HBO special for Decider:

With his second HBO special, Dirty Clean, and the third season of his semi-autobiographical sitcom, Crashing, coming in January, Holmes is even farther removed from the character he’s playing on TV.

Sure, he remains ever the affable goof who jokes about marrying a woman with “big ol’ titties” and thus fulfilling a childhood dream. But he’s also now married, and newly into fatherhood. Everything’s going great for Pete in real life. Crashing Pete still might not know how to make ends meet or even meet the love of his life. Real Pete really does wear yoga pants, despite never going to yoga. He has found his happy place.

Read my full review in Decider.

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