Lizzy Hoo: “Hoo’s That Girl?” at Melbourne 2024

**** (out of 5)

Lizzy Hoo has burst onto the Australian comedy scene, and scored an Amazon Original stand-up special last year, Hoo Cares!? 

My review of that special had left me wanting to hear more. As I wrote then: “But this hour is a snapshot of a comedian finding herself onstage and in the world. I get the sense that better things are yet to come.” She’s still wont to joke about her parents, because they’re too lucrative as a source for material. Turns out there’s a lot more for Hoo to talk about now already in her own personal life, making her suddenly a lot more open about talking about sex, dating and embarrassing episodes from her life, whether it’s a story from her time in an all-girls Catholic school or her more recent adventures since her long-term relationship ended. At 40, she’s worried she might be too famous to put herself out there. One of her childhood friends had to set her straight, however, during a group birthday shebang over the Christmas holiday, her friend reminded her: “You’re not there yet.” She is well on her way to a lot more people know who Lizzy Hoo is.

Lizzy Hoo presents “Hoo’s That Girl?” through 21 April at the 2024 Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

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