Joe List, “So Far No Good”

I’ve known Joe List for years, but I’d never had the opportunity to hear him deliver a headline-length set until receiving his debut disc, “So Far No Good,” a 14-track, 43-minute performance recorded at Skyline Comedy Club in Appleton, Wisc.

Touring for the past few years as Nick DiPaolo’s support feature, List’s style isn’t anything like DiPaolo. List is self-deprecating, although he has gained a lot more confidence over the past four years. That confidence allows him to pause multiple times to play with the various factions he sees in his audience, then go back to what predominantly is a set about sexual behavior. How he might not be that adventurous sexually. And how women don’t need to be. As he says in a rebuttal to the sex tips in Cosmopolitan magazine: “First of all, stop trying to come up with new shit, ladies. We figured it all out like a million years ago. Just stick to the basics.”

Eventually the tone shifts as List describes his new life in New York City, with tales such as “Boulger Story,” in which List recounts how his then-roommate (stand-up Dan Boulger) wasn’t sure how to react to List’s purchases for their bathroom.

Even though there’s more than a fair share of sexual material in “So Far No Good,” List’s comedy is all in good, clean fun. So far, so good.

Sample tracks from “So Far No Good”

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