Adam Newman opens his 58-minute disc “Not For Horses” by wanting customers (that’s you) to know that the audience at Atlanta’s Laughing Skull loved the comedian before him who performed “Piano Man” as “Piano Monkey.” Newman, meanwhile, wants to sell you on his pop-culture naming policy for dogs — spoiler alert: “Dog Sitting” may involve puns.

Newman’s observational style targets his focus on the reality of pickle bucket signs, Snoop Dogg’s memoir, Dikembe Mutombo and his sons, emails to the dead, Ernest, metal bands that may or may not be metal enough or too metal, and the real theme song to Fresh Prince of Bel Air. He closes it out with a look at the E.T. ride at Universal Studios theme park.

It’s witty enough. It’s certainly punny enough. Is it remarkable enough to remember and play back over and over again? That’s for you to decide.

Sample tracks from “Not For Horses”

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