Month: July 2011

Work stoppage looming? Impasse in WGA negotiations over The Onion’s ONN series on IFC

UPDATED! (9:30 p.m. Monday, Aug. 1) Word from my sources at The Onion have informed me that the labor dispute described below has been resolved. Details forthcoming. Last night, former and current contributors to The Onion — America’s leading humor print and online publication — received an appeal by email to support the writing staff of the IFC’s Onion News Network series, who wrote for the first season without an agreement under the Writers Guild of America. An email from the WGA informed them last night, the ONN writing staff were not about to continue their second season as...

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Kristen Wiig spends “7 Minutes in Heaven” with Mike O’Brien

SNL writer Mike O’Brien debuted a new web series today called “7 Minutes in Heaven,” which some of you kids may know as a game the teens play when they’re weird at parties and want to kiss other teens. In O’Brien’s case, he does bring his favorite people into the closet with him, but it’s all for a talk show. His first guests include Elijah Wood and Andy Cohen (Bravo Media is producing), but the real “get” is Saturday Night Live star Kristen Wiig, who works with O’Brien. Which means he has some incriminating info on her already! There...

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On Letterman, Louis CK wants to reintroduce lions to eat the idiots

Through the magic of video recording equipment, you could watch Louis CK on your television last night performing from NYC-based Late Show with David Letterman, while two packed audiences in Montreal saw him perform live there in Canada. Louis CK is in Montreal today, as well, to receive the Just For Laughs festival’s “Comedy Person of the Year” Award. Anyhow. Back to Letterman. In this clip, Louis talks about wanting to make sure his daughters turn out to be better people than he is, which launches him into a bit wondering about the possibility of reintroducing lions to society...

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Jarrod Harris makes his late-night TV debut on Lopez Tonight

George Lopez introduced Atlanta native Jarrod Harris to Lopez Tonight last night by saying it was his “late-night debut,” and in it, Harris jokes about longtime popular joke target Southwest Airlines, less frequently seen in the wild Alaska gangstas, a foolproof method of combatting creditors, and more. And by more, I mean Harris earned himself a bonus panel segment in which he displayed a talent you’re only going to guess if you already know him personally. Roll the...

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Marc Maron’s powerful keynote address at Montreal’s JFL 2011

Marc Maron had introduced Andy Kindler at the State of the Industry Address two summers ago in Montreal, and this afternoon, Kindler kindly returned the favor with a lengthy and heartfelt introduction of Maron for his Keynote Address at the 2011 Just For Laughs Comedy Conference. “I emailed him and said his podcast really changed my life,” Kindler said of Maron, calling himĀ “an empathetic savant,” adding: “I feel like he’s created a place where comedians can come together, gather and learn about things.” Maron recounted his stand-up tour with Kindler and Eugene Mirman, which happened months before Maron decided...

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