Welcome to the new-and-improved version of The Comic’s Comic!

Greetings readers!

If you’re now landing here — and especially if you aren’t — then you probably sensed something different. Something special in the air.

I’ve decided to launch a major redesign and overhaul of The Comic’s Comic to take it big-time, and I’ve found a partner in My Damn Channel to help me do it! If your bookmark or your RSS feed isn’t getting info from this site, please readjust your settings for https://thecomicscomic.com/ and take a look around. It’s still in development. Not sure if I’d call it the beta version. But it is going to be bigger and even better than before. Certainly is easier on the eyes. Loads faster, too! (I hear you)

This site will still be around, and I’ve got to move all of the archived content over to the new version, and well, as you can tell by the fact that it’s the annual finale of Montreal Just For Laughs, that’ll have to wait for August.

I’m the second official member of My Damn Channel’s new Blog Network. Earlier this month, they launched Slacktory, run by former Urlesque editor (and Valleywag founder before that) Nick Douglas.

As I said in the official press release, I’ve watched My Damn Channel grow into a respected entertainment company over the past four years. I’m honored to join Rob’s team as we work to bring you the definitive guide to the best comedy and comedians in the world.

For his part, My Damn Channel Founder/CEO’s Rob Barnett said, “Sean’s baby is a perfect partner for the My Damn Channel Blog Network. We’ll also launch The Comic’s Comic video channel in the weeks ahead with interviews and performances.” He added, “We love Sean’s taste and love every comic he covers. They’re all now potential victims of more mass promotion and cash and prizes from My Damn Channel.”

So. Please. Take a look at the new site. Suggestions are welcome as I get used to a new platform and design. And if you’ve got a hot comedy scoop or want to contribute to The Comic’s Comic — either financially or yes, as a writer, because I’m open to your ideas and I have plenty of ideas that I cannot do all by myself — email me at thecomicscomic@gmail.com. If you’d like to advertise on the new site, please email Ali@MyDamnChannel.com.

Sean L. McCarthy

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One thought on “Welcome to the new-and-improved version of The Comic’s Comic!

  1. I’m torn. I love The Comic’s Comic but I hate change.

    Guess I’ll just have to hold my breath until I’m converted. 🙂

    Best of luck with all your fancy new toys, Sean. I’ll be keeping my eye on things, as always. 🙂

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