One thing that always brings comedy industry scouts, agents and managers to Montreal’s Just For Laughs festival each July is the opportunity to scoop up rising comedic performers before they sign with some other talent management or agency and get that fabled six-figure development deal that people remember from 15 years ago.

First JFL expanded into New Faces Characters to showcase the SNL-sketch/variety up-and-comers.

Today JFL has added New Faces Unrepresented to the schedule, with shows Friday and Saturday in Montreal at Underworld.**

Who are the 10 self-represented stand-up comedians to make the cut as the freshest of fresh faces?*

Say hello and congratulations to…

Kendra Cunningham

Bryan Gutmann

Chris Laker

Dave McDonough

Lil Rel

Ramin Nazir

Lauri Roggenkamp

Dan Soder

Dan Telfer

Jim Tews

*Two of the “regular” New Faces this year in Montreal also are self-repped: Yannis Pappas and Nick Turner.

** So I guess I didn’t have the full full list yesterday, after all. Now I do!