On Letterman, Louis CK wants to reintroduce lions to eat the idiots

Through the magic of video recording equipment, you could watch Louis CK on your television last night performing from NYC-based Late Show with David Letterman, while two packed audiences in Montreal saw him perform live there in Canada.

Louis CK is in Montreal today, as well, to receive the Just For Laughs festival’s “Comedy Person of the Year” Award.

Anyhow. Back to Letterman. In this clip, Louis talks about wanting to make sure his daughters turn out to be better people than he is, which launches him into a bit wondering about the possibility of reintroducing lions to society so all of the idiots can be either mauled or eaten. Time to weed out the weak ones, right? Roll the clip!

Sean L. McCarthy

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One thought on “On Letterman, Louis CK wants to reintroduce lions to eat the idiots

  1. Louis CK is the lion of comics!

    He’s like an Olympic athlete of comics too.

    I could go on & on about him, he’s clearly one of if not the best comic on the planet (that is on US TV).

    He’s always breaking wonderfully funny new ground & his new show (2nd season actually) is sometimes amazing, it makes Seinfeld & Curb look like silly kids shows.

    In these not so great times, he’s about the only person or thing that that can make me laugh really hard. I re-watched one of his new episodes the other day, I laughed so hard I had a coughing fit that I think caused another earthquake in Japan. Too soon.

    Speaking of soon, he is a “soon-to-be” legend in his own time.

    Louis, if you are reading this, which I know you won’t, because you are such a big man now, busy with your own big important life, too busy for us stupid little people down at the bottom of the expensive sole of your hipster European shoe that you scrape off with an old piece of garbage like so much wet disgusting steaming dog feces on a early morning’s stroll. But if you are reading this, put the tub of ice cream down! Your fans all love you & want you healthy for a long-time to come.

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