Why Steve Coogan hates Twitter, even as he and Rob Brydon promote “The Trip”

Ben Kronberg recently sat down with Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon to talk to them about their new movie, The Trip. But shortly after Brydon showcased his Bruce Springsteen impersonation, things took a turn, as one cheeky bastard called out another cheeky bastard.

Roll it if you got it!


And if you'd like to enjoy a clip from The Trip, why not experience this bit in which Coogan and Brydon face off with dueling Michael Caine impersonations?

The Trip is out today in two locations in NYC, and also four locations around Los Angeles.

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One thought on “Why Steve Coogan hates Twitter, even as he and Rob Brydon promote “The Trip”

  1. August 31, 2010 9:10 pm by Nick McCay I wonder will Steve Coogan bring him “big plate” with him …. AHAAWWWW ….. sorry, codunlt help that. (and sorry if nobody gets the Alan Partridge link)Love these 2 comedians, i think it could go down very very well indeed.I’ve watched Dinner Date twice by pure accident (im not lying), and its quite funny. Yes its quite like Come Dine With Me but has a touch of the old Cilla Blind Date with it. You can kill an hour watching it whilst the roast is cooking on Sunday.

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