What if you’re heckled onstage while you’re taping your late-night submission for Conan, only it’s not a heckle but a profane order from an NYPD officer to “shut the fuck up” because cops are arresting an audience member?

Do you shoot down the heckler? Obviously not.

Do you try to duplicate the set for Conan? Better question!

While we await the answer to the latter, here’s Adam Newman explaining the backstory. The incident went down at a recent showcase at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in New York City, where Newman was hoping to put a five-minute stand-up set on tape to send to the bookers at Conan on TBS.

Furthermore, as Newman wrote on his Tumblr: “It’s been two years since I posted a video of myself pulling cocaine out of a heckler’s coat, and I SWEAR I don’t want to be the comedian who only posts heckler videos. But sometimes the NYPD busts in while you’re on stage trying to make a late night submission video, arrests an audience member, then yells at you to, “Shut the fuck up!” And what are you supposed to do, not post it?”

Fair enough, Newman. Fair enough.