So news is being spread today about the deal Zach Galifanakis made with HBO for a pilot presentation starring his friend Brody Stevens.

About that: Steven Brody Stevens and his TV crew were filming in New York City a couple of weeks ago as Galifianakis was hosting SNL. They also followed Brody over to the Tell Your Friends! show, where he launched into his traditionally meta stand-up. Brody told me that the presentation episode takes us through a day in his life, from his chance encounters with Major League Baseball players and celebrities to stand-up showcases, with a plot revolving around a relative's birthday.

Think of it as a Curb Your Enthusiasm with a twist.

If you read The Comic's Comic, then you get it. If you need help, then watch this video interview Galifanakis did with Stevens in his movie trailer during the filming of Due Date. Consider this the prelude to the pilot presentation. Roll it!