If you don’t know Brody Stevens, either personally or even by following his Twitter feed @BrodyismeFriend, then I’m not sure quite how to explain him to you. Oh, wait. What’s that? That’s my job, to explain him to you? Alrighty then.

Steven Brody Stevens has pitched for Arizona State, appeared in both films in The Hangover franchise as well as Due Date, provided audience warm-up duties for Chelsea Lately and several other TV shows, and much much more. As he’ll gladly will remind you. During his stand-up set. I’ve known Brody since I first threw myself into the comedy scene in Seattle many years ago — before the Y2K virus changed everything. Seeing him on Conan last night was a treat. Particularly since I probably heard more actual straightforward jokes out of him in these five minutes than I’ve heard whenever I’ve seen him drop-in at a comedy club or venue for a stand-up performance.

And yet.


I hope you laugh as much as I do when Steven Brody Stevens pauses between jokes to make proclamations such as this one: “I’ve done table reads on this lot!”

Roll the clip!

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