As we become more and more interconnected by the series of tubes that contains the wires that shuttles the data that makes up the World Wide Web, it must be that much more difficult to come up with an idea that somebody else hasn't already thought up and posted up on the Internet already.

Throughout this season of SNL, we've comedians and comedy fans cry foul on several sketches and videos, claiming they'd been there, done that.

This week? It's The Lonely Island's new SNL Digital Short, "The Creep," that's in question. Because four years ago, comedian Owen Benjamin wrote and performed a song called, "I'm Creepy," that includes the requisite mustache, as well as a specific dance move. It went up on MySpace in January 2007, and later was featured both by the site and by A couple of friends of the site wanted me to put this out there to see what you think. Roll the clip:


So what do you think? Are there any original ideas that haven't yet hit the Internet? Am I going to follow up that question with another question? Something something yellow. There. That settles that. But what about these creepy videos?