Scenes from a stairwell: Zombies, tacos and comedy in Conan O’Brien’s Live Coco Cam 24-hour event

Conan O'Brien and Team Coco briefly took over the front page of YouTube with a 24-hour event that has streamed live over the Internet.

In the latest promotional stunt to remind and alert viewers of Conan's return to late-night TV with Conan on TBS on Nov. 8, the "Live Coco Cam" has broadcasted live from the stairwell inside Conaco Production's offices, located next to the Conan set on the Warner Bros. lot in Burbank, Calif. With a couple of hours left, there could still be more silliness worth reporting.

In the meantime, some highlights…

Aaron Bleyaert, Team Coco's online muse, introduced us to the marathon session with some aerobics.


All stretched out? Andres du Bouchet, comedian and writer for Conan, delivers a reading. Hey, look, it's Conan! Hey, look, it's Andy Richter! Hey, look out for debris! Andres will not be fazed.


Then things got weird.

A dancing taco? Several employees make cameos. Bonus points if you recognize and can name any of them!


Anyone in the mood for stand-up comedy at 3 a.m. Pacific, 6 a.m. Eastern?


The stand-up show ended abruptly when zombies attacked. Zombie interns!


By the next morning, something has happened to their aerobics team. They're now bears. Bear aerobics! No, these bears will not do what that NBC bear did. Bear with them.


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