The key to a great Charlie Sheen joke is: a) timing, or b) being his co-star on a current hit TV sitcom?

Oh, the jokes everybody is making at the expense of one Charlie Sheen, who seems to act as though he's still "Wild Thing" from Major League, even though that movie came out 22 years ago, which not only would make Sheen too old to be behaving like this, but also this joke too old to execute properly.

But if you're Sheen's co-star on the popular sitcom, Two and a Half Men, which has written Sheen's real-life love of hookers and other sins into his TV life, it's a bit easier to get a good laugh out of it. Which is exactly what Jon Cryer did earlier this week on Conan, making light of Sheen's wild tabloid existence.


The joke would be eerily prescient, considering Sheen went into the hospital the very next day following a wild party for hookers, right? It would have been, if not for two facts: 1) Sheen has been acting out of control for long enough now that the joke is funny because it's true. And 2) Cryer used the same joke weeks, if not months, earlier when he taped an appearance for an upcoming episode of the online series, The 3 Minute Talk Show with Barry Sobel.

A teaser trailer for Sobel's series came out earlier in the week, and showcases Cryer's joke about Sheen and TMZ about 40 seconds in. Roll it:


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