Comedy Central Stand-Up Showdown: 2011 results!

Another January, another year of comedians seeing how badly their fans want to click and click again on to vote for a one-time rebroadcast of their half-hour Comedy Central Presents. Oh, wait. Let me rephrase that. It's the annual Comedy Central Stand-Up Showdown! Find out who made the Top 20!

The showdown plays out on TV from noon Saturday through 10 p.m.

Want to see who made the cut in 2011's Stand-Up Showdown? The Comic's Comic has the list. It's dotted throughout with stand-up comedians who taped their half-hours just last year. New kids rule? Or kids love Internet? Either way, let's count 'em down…CLARIFICATION: Turns out there's a reason all of the Top 20 were from recent specials. As a friend of the site who has performed a Comedy Central Presents informed me, the Showdown rules were changed this time around to limit participants to just the 48 comedians from the past two seasons of CCPs. No wonder, then!

20. Mo Mandel

19. Pete Holmes

18. Jeff Dye

17. Greg Warren

16. Myq Kaplan

15. Tommy Johnagin

14. Chris Porter

13. Amy Schumer

12. Tom Rhodes

11. Josh Blue

10. Ryan Stout

9. Donald Glover

8. Red Grant

7. Pete Lee

6. Iliza Shlesinger

5. Bret Ernst

4. Jon Lajoie

3. Doug Benson

2. Eliot Chang

1. Bo Burnham

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21 thoughts on “Comedy Central Stand-Up Showdown: 2011 results!

  1. Solid work by Comedy Central to accidentally leak their Top 20 on their website once again in 2011, a return to tradition!

  2. WTF we have been waiting to see Rob Riggle all god damn night and surfed over here to see the list……………and he ain’t even on it…….but he’s on the promos…….WTF!!

  3. What one person thinks is funny, is not always funny to other people… .Where is Mike DeStefano? Was he in the contest? He is one funny fuka…Probably too abrasive for most Americans… Anyone who is offended or threatened by an other person’s words or thoughts need to grow the up and focus on getting over themselves….you weak pathetic excuse for a Human

  4. Like I said in the first sentence, this contest isn’t about who really has the funniest half-hour anymore. A few years ago, maybe. But since we got ourselves Facebook and Twitter, it’s really more and more just about which comedians and which comedy fans care enough to pay attention to the Stand-Up Showdown and vote in it.
    You’ll notice that there are no huge names on this year’s list. They’re not worried about where they rank on this, so they don’t bother to tell their fans about it. Same goes for other comedians who may not be household names, but don’t care about contests.
    But really, it comes down to which comedy fans decide to go online and rally behind a comedian and tell their friends to do likewise.
    Unless you enjoy conspiracy theories. Obviously.

  5. No Louis C.K.? Did he not have a special that qualified him for this list? And frankly, Bo Burnham isn’t really that funny. He’s extremely witty, clever even. That doesn’t always translate to funny. I’d take Rob Riggle and LCK over him any day of the week, and twice on Sundays.

  6. My only issue with the list is Number 2. I do not think Eliot Chang is funny, but it was all voted by viewers, so i guess it is fair. Not sure how someone could even mention Louis C.K. then Rob Riggle!?!? As if they are in the same league. Louis C.K. is the Best Comedian of our generation he is miles ahead of anyone on this list.

  7. Wait wait, you mean Rob Riggle who said “that’s how I roll” over and over and over in his CC Presents? That’s the guy you are equating to Louis CK?
    I wouldn’t say he’s the best comedian of our generation, but I’ve met Louis CK, he’s a very casual acquaintance of mine and Rob Riggle sir is no Louis CK.

  8. Apparently reading comprehension isn’t what it used to be. Let me spell it out more clearly.
    Louis C.K. is far an away better than anyone on that list. Just my opinion. I never said anything about Riggle being in the same league as him. In fact, had you both understood what I meant, you would have came away realizing that I had a very high regard for LCK.
    I also said that I would rather have Rob Riggle over Bo Burnham. Where ever I equated Rob Riggle to LCK is beyond me. I know Riggle is no LCK, nor did I imply anything like that.
    What I did say was that essentially Bo Burnham sucks, and I would much rather watch LCK over him, and I would even rather watch Rob Riggle. That’s an indictment on Riggle, not exactly heaping praise on him.
    I thought fans of comedy at the level LCK is on would be able to understand all of that without it being spelled out. I was wrong, and it’s now clear to me why this list turned out the way it did.

  9. Johnny-
    Apparently, you don’t really pay much attention either. LCK didn’t come out with a Comedy Central Special. So, no, he didn’t “qualify” for this list.
    I have a feeling that he would much rather be selling out Carnegie Hall and having total control of his own TV show than being #1 on this list…but what do I know?

  10. Sean,
    My initial comment was made before any clarification was made. That’s why it was posed in the form of a question. I made my statement based on the knowledge that was given at the time. Had that information been stated in the first place, we wouldn’t be having this discussion.

  11. Well now i understand how the top stand up’s were on the list. It’s kinda a shame because most of them can’t hold a candle to some of the previous stand up comics that have been on the list.
    Bo Burnham was amusing but in no way deserved to be #1.
    Louis C.K. is the most hilarious and he just had a stand up special. To not include him was like a slap in the face to all who enjoy comedy.

  12. Louie CK had a CC special years ago. I don’t really know the rules of the contest, but if you just needed a special, period, then LCK qualified. Also, Bo burnham isn’t funny. He’s just a fad comedian. I actually don’t think he even belongs on this list. People who listen to him are the same people that listen to classical music in order to feel more intelligent without opening a book. I’m not trying to sound bitter about him, in fact, I sought him out after watching a video of him on youtube and thought he was hilarious. I found his Words, Words, Words special, and kept it on for a good 20 minutes. I spent that entire time lying to myself about liking it, to the point of just shutting it off and feeling a rage about his popularity. Anyways, I predict that in two years, people will talk about him the same way they talk about Dane Cook and Carlos Mencia, and will eventually become a lounge comic.

  13. I think bo is hilarious. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and my opinion is that he’s awesome. Offensive yeah totally but awesome as well. If he wasn’t funny i wouldn’t put up with all his sexist jokes.

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