Talk about the "gift" that keeps on giving. I've heard that both Jimmy Fallon and Conan O'Brien will make remarks tonight about the swirling rumors of reshuffling of the NBC late-night lineup, but they'll be later in the night. In less than an hour, they'll have to hear from Jay Leno first, who delivered more digs about his "cancellation" rumor, which, of course, is not a cancellation at all. He digs David Letterman, saying he is getting punished without sleeping with any of his staffers, and notes that he has not even unpacked from the last job he got "cancelled" from at NBC. Roll the clip!

And for the conspiracy theorists who thought NBC didn't want to post the jab from last night Leno made about NBC, Comcast and "anti-trust," well, the show page does have that up now.