If you haven't yet been to the Gallery1988 exhibit, "Is This Thing On?," then you must not be anywhere near Los Angeles. Because that's where that is.

Thanks to the Internet, however, you can view — and even buy originals and prints from the awesome collection of artwork inspired by comedians. Mike Mitchell, the man who inspired Team Coco with his image of Conan O'Brien, pictured Zach Galifianakis as "Marijuana Santa Claus." It's out of stock, in case you wanted to buy the print from Gallery1988. But you can stare at this all day long if you like:


Galifianakis wrote a thank-you note to Mitchell, and managed to be self-deprecating in just a few words by apologizing for his own face. Aww. And you can see that, too!


Thanks to Mitchell for sharing this with us!