With all of the hype about "Snooki"'s new book, you may not have noticed that comedian Roseanne Barr's third book also is on sale this week (sorry, Patton Oswalt, but you're too smart for TV promos this week, apparently).

And Roseanne has been doing press to promote her new tome, "Roseannearchy: Dispatches from the Nut Farm." She was on Good Morning America this morning, and did a separate interview airing tonight for Nightline (you have your hit sitcom on ABC, and ABC still gets the spoils). She also answered questions for USA Today. Interestingly, the reality of Roseanne's life is different depending upon who's asking the questions. For USA Today, Roseanne lives in California, has gained and lost 14,000 pounds, and had 50,000 Facebook friends (which isn't actually a thing you can have on Facebook). For ABC, Roseanne is in "self-imposed exile in Hawaii" and has lost and gained 16,000 pounds. Only a ton of difference there.

While you sort that out, you can see and hear Roseanne get mad at Sarah Palin for ripping off her "domestic goddess" persona for evil.


And here she was this morning on GMA.


Want to buy her book?