You know what's great about Bill Cosby? Just about everything. Still. After all of these years.

The Cos can go on David Letterman's show without having anything but another stand-up date to promote, and go out, as he did Monday night, sit in his chair, and regale us with comedy. In this bit, he jokes about what it's like to be an old man today.


And then he does panel, and Cosby tells Letterman about the early days of doing comedy, working across the street from Richard Pryor back in the old days of Greenwich Village, and how he had dropped out of Temple, but how his dad hoped that a New York Giant could convince The Cos to go back to school and pursue an NFL career instead of stand-up comedy. Looks like Bill Cosby knew best, didn't he? If you have the chance to see Bill Cosby perform stand-up, by all means do it!