Your Donald Glover as Childish Gambino update: Camp

Perhaps comedians of the 21st Century have it all wrong, playing by the old rules: Perform stand-up comedy, receive development deal, pitch sitcom based on life, repeat. Because Donald Glover has flipped the script completely. Before he has ever done a single stand-up set in late-night TV, he has written for sitcoms, performed on sitcoms and put out multiple albums as a rapper. Go figure.

His first late-night TV set, in fact, happened Friday night on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon — not as Donald Glover, comedian, but as Childish Gambino, rapper.

And Rolling Stone magazine asked Glover to interview his rapping alter-ego. Because, sure.


And NPR offered you the chance to listen to Childish Gambino’s latest effort, “Camp.”

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