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Taiwanese news animators call out Conan O’Brien with series of humorous threats. Look out, @TeamCoco!

Last week, Conan O'Brien introduced an animated clip from Taiwan that supposedly documented a fake fight Conan and Andy Richter were having in the office. Guess who watched it? The actual animators for Taiwan's NMA (Next Media Animation)! They quickly responded with a humorous counterattack on Conan that accused him of being cheap, abusing child labor laws while also somehow being linked lasciviously to the late Michael Jackson, and threatened to take his blimp and put Richter in the Taipei Zoo. Other fun tidbits: It appears that they think President Barack Obama is head of TBS — or a guest on the show whom Conan treats rudely — and they forgot to add a beard on Conan. Roll it!   Monday night's Conan acknowledges this funny feud. I'll update when their video becomes available.   Until then, here is the original "knock-off" from last week's Conan....

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“The Simpsons” thanks Bill O’Reilly for making the show relevant again, if only to mock FOX News anew

In case you're not following season 22 of the FOX animated classic, The Simpsons, then you're not NYT reporter David Itzkoff (who's not only watching but taking screencaps!), so let's get you all caught up with the new kerfuffle. Last week, the team took a crack at sister network FOX News in the scene following the opening credits, showing a FOX News helicopter with the tagline: "Not Racist, But #1 With Racists." See picture. Of course it's a joke. FOX News doesn't have helicopters! Of course, Bill O'Reilly cannot take any joke that is not coming out of his own blowhardy lips, so he called The Simpsons "pinheads."   Pinhead is an old-timey insult that only old people know (and only serves to remind viewers about his latest get-himself-richer quicker book). So the producers over at The Simpsons — who usually wait months between the writing, animating and airing of episodes, as opposed to the too-fast work by South Park's crew — switched out the opening gag for a second FOX News chopper gag. "FOX News: Unsuitable For Viewers Under 75" Hahaha. Get it? It's funny because it's true. My maternal grandmother only started watching FOX News after she turned 75, and now she's dead. Spoiler alert: Also unsuitable for viewers older than 75! Thanks a lot, FOX News. You scared my grandmother to death. Who knows what O'Reilly...

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In case you missed it, Brendon Walsh was thankful to perform on Conan this Thanksgiving

On Thanksgiving, you can be forgiven for not staying up late to watch TV, since you may have had other plans, or not even been at home. But that's no excuse not to catch up now. Conan O'Brien welcomed comedian Brendon Walsh to his TBS program for a stand-up set that proves you can say "penis" on late-night basic cable, and also that Walsh takes too much glee in making other people sad, if even just for a moment. Get a load of this turkey. Roll the clip!...

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Interview: Aren’t all days with Bob Saget “Strange Days with Bob Saget” on A&E?

Over the past year, Bob Saget has hit the road with motorcycle clubs and gone into the woods with Bigfoot hunters. Strange days, indeed. No, indeed, Strange Days with Bob Saget. That's the title of his new series that debuts Nov. 30 on A&E. Here's the quick clip trailer:   Saget is in the middle of the big promotional push for the show, and after spending the morning calling in to several radio shows, he called me up. "I was in Seattle recently to do a show, and I thought, geez, last time I was here I was literally in the woods." How did you pick which groups to hook up with for the show? "Our producers are really cool…Troy Searer, Carter Mays, here are guys whose names you cannot print. They're great producers. They know how to preproduce what I specifically wanted to do with this show. They'd go and meet the groups that we wanted to follow. They met these guys who are right on the web. BFRO is on the web. So they went out and met them. And these guys have done some TV before, so they're familiar with being on camera. And Bobo. And some of these guys. Moneymaker. "What I love about the show is everybody has a different take on each episode. and everyone, call it casting is what it is, it's...

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Auggie Smith for the win! Champion in both 2010 Seattle and San Francisco comedy competitions

Congratulations to Auggie Smith, who not only celebrated a birthday over the holidays, but also added the 2010 Seattle comedy competition crown to his 2010 win earlier this year in the larger San Francisco contest. Seattle's monthlong competition found itself forced to eliminate the first night of its final round last week when an arctic storm blew into the Puget Sound, but managed to get in four nights of stand-up, concluding last night. Smith (pictured at left after his win by Peter Greyy) is the first stand-up to finish with victories in both Seattle and San Francisco in the same year. David Crowe also has crowns in both, winning Seattle in 1995 and San Francisco in 1996. Smith wins $5,000 and a record contract with Uproar. The final five from Seattle: Auggie Smith Billy Wayne Davis Dax Jordan Drew Barth Eddie Pence...

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