Comedy Death-Ray delivers the 25th anniversary of “We Are The World” that the world deserves

Remember when Quincy Jones tried doing a 25th anniversary all-star remake of We Are The World but forgot to invite all the stars? Yeah, that sucked.

At least when Comedy Death-Ray assembled the alt-comedy-music crowd of Hollywood this holiday season to record their own version, they told us upfront that it'd suck, but that it'd also be funny. With an introduction by Kurt Russell, The Comedy Death-Ray Xmas Nativity Choir features Sarah Silverman, Kevin Nealon, Thomas Lennon, Laraine Newman, Garfunkel & Oates (Riki Lindhome and Kate Micucci), Doug Benson, Casey Wilson, Jen Kirkman, Paul Scheer, Scott Aukerman, Neil Hamburger, Matt Besser, Natasha Leggero, Duncan Trussell, Aimee Mann, Rich Sommer, Paul F. Tompkins, Maria Bamford, Nick Thune, Kurt Russell, Jimmy Pardo, Dana Gould, Tig Notaro, ‚ÄúWeird Al‚Äù Yankovic, Chris Hardwick, Mike Phirman, Gable Nealon, Matt Braunger, Drew Droege, Kumail Nanjiani, Randy & Jason Sklar, Brent Weinbach, Chris Fairbanks, Howard ‚ÄúDragon Boy Suede‚Äù Kremer, Cracked Out (Brett Gelman and Jon Daly) and Brody Stevens.

Roll it already! It's safe for work until the final minute (Cracked Out!?!).


You can go to to buy the full CD, with proceeds benefiting the L.A. Regional Food Bank. CDR's Ninth Annual XMAS Nativity Pageant will be held Dec. 14 at the UCB Theatre in Hollywood.

Want the rest of the track listing for the CD? Sure thing!

2. Smooth Little Baby Jazzus
Jon Daly 

3. How Hitler Saved Christmas
Myq Kaplan#

4. End Of Year Letter
Garfunkel And Oates 

5. Christmas Wrapping
Doug Benson

6. Ice-T's Xmas Message
Paul F. Tompkins

7. Daddy's Kissin' Blitzen
Don't Stop Or We'll Die

8. Jingle Bells
Rob Huebel

9. Here Comes Santa Claus
Jimmy Pardo

10. Bob Odenkirk feat. Aimee Mann
Half Christmas

11.  Halloween (E.T. Please Phone Home)
"Weirder Scott" Aukerman

12. Li'l Gary Sings Have A Holly Jolly Christmas
Thomas Lennon

13. Satan's Holiday Greeting
Matt Walsh

14. All I Want For Christmas Is To (Rock)
Sniper feat. Chris Hardwick

15. Huell The Howser Angels Sing
James Adomian

16. Holiday Road Comic
Matt Braunger & Mike Phirman

17. Brent Weinbach
Carol Of The Balls

18. Sitting On Santa's Lap
Michael "Mookie" Blaiklok

19. Christopher Bell Rock
The Birthday Boys 

20. Maya Angelou's Christmas Poem
Drew Droege 

21. Midnight X-Mas
The Lampshades
(featuring Kate Flannery & Scot Robinson)

22. You're Still Getting Presents Today
Nick Thune

23. Bob Ducca's Holiday Message
Seth Morris

24. Song Of The Working Elves
Eban Schletter

25. Christmas In Space
Rory Scovel & Quincy Ledbetter

26. Bill & Ted's Christmas
Brett Gelman & Paul Scheer


1. (Christmas) Lady Marmalade
The Comedy Death-Ray Xmas Nativity Choir
Feat. "Weirdest Kulap" Vilaysack, Laraine Newman, Natasha Leggero, Drew Droege, Mike Phirman, Jen Kirkman, Howard "Dragon Boy Suede" Kremer, Chris Fairbanks, Dannah Phirman, Casey Wilson, Brent Weinbach, Paul Rust, Seth Morris & "Weirder Scott" Aukerman

2. A Christmas Sing-Along With Skip McCabe And The All New Skip-Around Gang
Andy Daly

3. Treat Your Body (Like It's Christmas)
Thomas Lennon

4. Christmas Vs. Hanukkah
Joe Mande

5. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
Jimmy Pardo & Scott Aukerman

6. Holiday Inn
Jen Kirkman

7. Brody's Bio
Brody Stevens


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