Last week, Conan O'Brien introduced an animated clip from Taiwan that supposedly documented a fake fight Conan and Andy Richter were having in the office. Guess who watched it? The actual animators for Taiwan's NMA (Next Media Animation)!

They quickly responded with a humorous counterattack on Conan that accused him of being cheap, abusing child labor laws while also somehow being linked lasciviously to the late Michael Jackson, and threatened to take his blimp and put Richter in the Taipei Zoo. Other fun tidbits: It appears that they think President Barack Obama is head of TBS — or a guest on the show whom Conan treats rudely — and they forgot to add a beard on Conan.

Roll it!


Monday night's Conan acknowledges this funny feud. I'll update when their video becomes available.


Until then, here is the original "knock-off" from last week's Conan.