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Round-up: Interviews with past SNLers Will Forte, Colin Quinn; present writer Michael Patrick O’Brien

Before you get too excited by thinking I've rounded up some interviews with the brand-new members of Saturday Night Live, let's remember that Will Forte just left the cast and moved back to California. The folks at JoBlo got on the horn with Will Forte, and he told them that eight years was enough for him at SNL, and that it was time for him to take a break. "I just wanted to be close to my family," Forte says, specifically mentioning his sister, a niece and an impending nephew. "If you really want to do good work there, you really have to give it your all and that makes having a life outside work kinda tough." He also said he'd return in a flash to do a one-off of MacGruber or anything else they ask, just not another full-time year. JoBlo says they'll post the rest of their interview next week. Colin Quinn, meanwhile, left the show a long time ago, but his off-Broadway show Long Story Short has been making waves and getting raves (see clips of Colin Quinn and his producer/director Jerry Seinfeld). This interview with The A.V. Club gets off to a rough start and doesn't quite land the dismount, but in the middle, Quinn says some interesting things about his show, his previous gun ownership and other matters. What about people who still work at SNL?...

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UCB to host two different all-star lineups to celebrate fifth anniversary of Los Angeles theatre

The Upright Citizens Brigade is celebrating the fifth anniversary of its Los Angeles theater with two different all-star lineups of shows on Sept. 18 at the UCB's northern Hollywood hub. Tickets ($20) go on sale Sept. 1 at noon Pacific and should sell out quickly. Both shows are hosted by the UCB's Matt Besser, Ian Roberts and Matt Walsh. Just take a look at the lineups… 7 p.m. show Sarah Silverman Bob Odenkirk Andrew Daly Ronna & Beverly Jimmy Pardo The Midnight Show Chelsea Peretti Billy Merritt & Sean Conroy Shitty Jobs Scott Aukerman Cracked Out 10 p.m. show Seth Morris & Ed Helms Rob Huebel & Paul Scheer Tom Lennon & Ben Garant Paul F. Tompkins Facebook (featuring Rob Riggle) Convoy Katie Dippold Death By Roo Roo James Adomian & Josh Fadem A Kiss From Daddy The Birthday Boys Casey Wilson & June...

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An xtranormal look at evil comedy club bookers, as well as the no-talent hacks who stalk comedy clubs

Xtranormal is an online video resource that allows you to animate your own scripts within a limited variety of scenes and characters. Sounds like fun, right? Well, a couple of people have decided to give us a look at a couple of the more unpleasant parts of the stand-up comedy business. In this first clip, a comedian has to deal with a comedy club booker who will give the stand-up a chance to break into the business, except, there's a catch. Or two. Or three. And if you're looking to get paid to do stand-up in this club? Forget. About. It. Roll the clip. That inspired someone else to show the other side of the awful coin, which happens when club bookers are bombarded by people who call themselves comedians, except, there's no credits to their name, nor much of anything else that would make you believe they should be calling themselves stand-up comedians. This clip is called "How to get booked at a comedy club," but it's really a how-not-to: Of course, it isn't always nearly this bad working the clubs. These are the rotten apples of the bunch. But why would somebody make an animated clip of a happy comedy club experience? How much fun would that be to watch, am I right, ladies? Shut me up. Hat tip to...

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Comedians on Dancing with the Stars or Celebrity Apprentice don’t have a serious chance, do they?

No offense to Margaret Cho, who was named to the cast of competitors for the 11th edition of ABC's Dancing with the Stars, which kicks off in September 2010, but unless she decides to take this seriously, I'm not holding out much hope for her to actually win or come close to winning. Comedians have a dreadful track record on both Dancing with the Stars and Celebrity Apprentice, with the notable exception of Joan Rivers, who won over Donald Trump. Maybe that's because Rivers focused more on winning than she did on appealing to the viewers through comedy. Or whatever some of the past comedians on these televised competitions have been doing. Because while Rivers won the second edition of Celebrity Apprentice, Andrew "Dice" Clay was busy finishing last, while Tom Green quickly followed him out the door two weeks later. Neither one of these guys could outlast Dennis Rodman? Or Khloe Kardashian?!? This spring's third edition of Celebrity Apprentice was equally bleak, as Carol Leifer and Sinbard were the first two celebrities to hear Donald Trump say "You're fired!" Nice work, clowns. On DWTS, meanwhile, comedians didn't make the roster until season six in spring 2008. Of the 12 couples, two featured star comedians: Penn Jillette, who was eliminated first in last place; and Adam Carolla, who only made it two weeks further in the contest. Season seven...

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