Xtranormal is an online video resource that allows you to animate your own scripts within a limited variety of scenes and characters. Sounds like fun, right?

Well, a couple of people have decided to give us a look at a couple of the more unpleasant parts of the stand-up comedy business. In this first clip, a comedian has to deal with a comedy club booker who will give the stand-up a chance to break into the business, except, there's a catch. Or two. Or three. And if you're looking to get paid to do stand-up in this club? Forget. About. It. Roll the clip.

That inspired someone else to show the other side of the awful coin, which happens when club bookers are bombarded by people who call themselves comedians, except, there's no credits to their name, nor much of anything else that would make you believe they should be calling themselves stand-up comedians. This clip is called "How to get booked at a comedy club," but it's really a how-not-to:

Of course, it isn't always nearly this bad working the clubs. These are the rotten apples of the bunch. But why would somebody make an animated clip of a happy comedy club experience? How much fun would that be to watch, am I right, ladies? Shut me up. Hat tip to Shecky.