Remember when we used to be scared of vampires and not wanting to have sex with them? The current pop culture trend of sexy vampires — as seen in TV shows, movies and books that become movies — has gotten ridiculous. So why not play that up by trying to duplicate the success of sexy scary creatures with, no, not the werewolf (sorry, Team Jacob, and hey, the real Team Jacob is on Lost, protecting the island, and not getting all melodramatic on Twilight, suckers). We're here to show you a clip of the fake HBO series, Mummy! Starring Lizzy Caplan and Martin Starr rotting in bandages, and Adam Scott as the "fleshie" human with the weird facial hair.

In an amazing coincidence, season two of Party Down premieres April 23 on Starz (and thereafter on Netflix), starring all three of these fine comedic performers as Hollywood dreamers stuck catering private parties.

Roll the clip!