Chris Rock and Rosie Perez Joined New York Governor Andrew Cuomo for His Daily Briefing on May 28, 2020

Chris Rock got tested for COVID-19 today before appearing on live TV alongside New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and actress Rosie Perez for Cuomo’s daily briefing to the New York Capitol press corps as well as the world, since many broadcasters simulcast Cuomo’s press conferences during the pandemic.

Rock praised Cuomo. Rock said:

“I watch you every single day and you, you bring me calm, you know, you bring me joy. Didn’t Anita Baker sing that? you bring me joy every single day, ’cause I don’t know what’s going on. I thought I lived in the United States. I thought I lived in a country. And now I realize that we have 50 countries, essentially. Right now we’re in the country of New York. I will just say I got the test today I just got tested to come out hereI got a 65. So. Just passed!”

“I’m actually, you know, we haven’t been able to perform or do any shows or anything, so I’m looking at this microphone. Wow. Can I just say, ‘Hi microphone! I’ve really missed you. I know it’s been hard but we’re gonna get back together at some point and it’s gonna be even better than the last time, microphone. I will never take you for granted.’

“So we need people need to get tested. People need to to make it a festive occasion, they need to posse up and get tested. Like all the crew is getting tested and all the family should get tested, and you know, if you love your grandmother, if you love your elderly mother, your elderly anybody, you should get tested. This is and it’s not just, you know. It’s wherever there are poor people, really, which wherever people are congested. So yes, it’s in East New York, yes in Brownsville, but you know, it’s also in Garrison Beach, it’s also in Marine Park. So everybody that can get tested should get tested as soon as possible and I’m just so, you know, the governor called me up and I’m here to do whatever is required and, you know, I hope to God that when this is over, you’re still a part of the government. I hope this isn’t the last. It’s like no it’s over. No, I hope this keeps going on.”

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