Can you quit the Internet, or does the Internet quit you?

If I quit the Internet, how many of you would notice, and how many days would it take before you just turned to some third-rate comedy site or hoped the mainstream media would pick up the slack, and then forgot about me? Because if ever there were a day for me to quit all of this and do something "reasonable," today would be the day. You know what I mean. I'm still curious about your answers, though.

Sean L. McCarthy

Editor and publisher since 2007, when he was named New York's Funniest Reporter. Former newspaper reporter at the New York Daily News, Boston Herald and smaller dailies and community papers across America. Loves comedy so much he founded this site.

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15 thoughts on “Can you quit the Internet, or does the Internet quit you?

  1. You can’t leave. You are the man. I would be very very sad if you stopped. But if you do leave can you send everyone over to my third-rate comedy website?

  2. Thanks for jumping into the comments.
    By the way, I’m not desperately fishing for compliments or even thinking about quitting, but I am genuinely curious about what would happen. As Josh told me on Twitter, remember when everyone in the comedy know talked about Super Deluxe? That site literally vanished.

  3. I would notice right away. I would stop caring after a couple of days.
    Not to say it isn’t a great site, but I could see why you would want to stop. Looks like you put a lot into the site, but are you getting enough out of it to make it worth the effort?

  4. Super Deluxe went away because they ran out of money. I am assuming you still have at least half of the 4 million in venture capital you raised.
    I think if you left it would be like Rififi. I moved on after it closed down but it will always hold a special place in my heart.

  5. Damn. I would probably ask somebody one day, like “Hey…you remember that site ‘thecomicscomic’?” and they would be like “No.” Then I would forever wonder what happened to you until I finally saw you. But now that I think of it, for some reason it seems like if the site would disappear, then YOU would disappear as well. But maybe I’m just thinking of it that way because I haven’t met you yet. Oh well despite that nonsense that probably didn’t make any sense at all..Thank you! Thanks for providing content daily, it helps me when I’m at work and when I’m just lurking the internet. Looking forward to meeting to you sometime.

  6. Funny, the other day I was reading all the stuff in my Google Reader page, and the thing about Leno and Joy Behar came up on Entertainment Weekly’s feed but I thought “nah, I’d rather read The Comic’s Comic’s (whoa) coverage of it.” Then I thought, “Sean would probably appreciate that; I should post it.” But I didn’t, because you have no idea who I am. But now that you’re asking for the thoughts of people you don’t know, here it is.

  7. How else would I remotely find out about NYC comedy scene happenings?!?!?!?
    Tens upon tens of people depend on your reports!

  8. Not when you’re this close to recapping the 2009 Montreal Comedy Festival!!!

  9. I’d notice. I enjoy and frequent the site. I’m still upset that Philly’s number one site comicvsaudience has gone on hiatus. I like what you’re doing, Sean. Keep it up.

  10. No, you cannot quit the Internet. Even by asking the question you have angered the Internet. Apologize to the Internet and get back to work feeding it.

  11. No other sites would even be comparable. For my own sake, I hope that you don’t quit.

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