Katt Williams tells CNN, no apologies: “As a stand-up, the only thing I sell is uncensored thought.”

For all of the weird headlines that Katt Williams has made onstage and off in the past few years, he always seemed level-headed whenever I spoke with him. Frazzled maybe. But that can happen when you’re dealing with people who don’t understand what you’re about, and whom also happen to work in law enforcement or the media, which then influences how strangers perceive you.

So I wasn’t surprised to see and hear Williams on CNN today, first renouncing an apology that his publicist had put forward reportedly without his input, and then clarifying what he was doing in his recent stand-up comedy show in Phoenix.

“I don’t think I need to apologize for being pro-American,” Williams said. Prodded further, he added: “I apologize for the fact that the word ‘anti-Mexican’ is being said to a black guy in America.”

Roll the clip.

Williams explained why he would not apologize for his act:

“I’m not allowed to. As a stand-up, the only thing I sell is uncensored thought. So I’m only selling them the way I think uncensored. So then, I’m not allowed to come back the next day and apologize. That’s for the Tracy Morgans of the world. I meant what I said and I said what I meant. I’m apologizing if someone thought I was trying to be anti-Mexican. Mexicans are my friends, so…I don’t understand.”

Well said.

Of course, Tracy Morgan apologized so he could keep his job on NBC’s 30 Rock. Williams doesn’t have a TV network or bosses to answer to.

Asked how an apology could go out with his name on it, he said:

“Sir, they (Salient Media) put out a DVD called Katt Williams: 9 Lives¬†while I was in jail without my permission. A lot of stuff has been happening to a lot of black celebrities in the world. We just deal with it, thank Jesus, and keep on going.”

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