Follow everyday: Team Coco, the writers and staffers for Conan O’Brien

Who says it has to be Friday to tell you about people worth following on Twitter? Yes, Follow Friday. I get it. We all get it.

But with all the talk about Conan O'Brien's live theater tour of North America this spring, I thought it'd be more than appropriate to remind you of all of the writers and other staffers for O'Brien — most of whom picked up their lives and their families from New York City last year to follow O'Brien to Los Angeles, only to find themselves unemployed now. A few will get to work with O'Brien on this tour. Many, one would hope, will get jobs again this fall, or whenever another TV network agrees to put a new "Conan" on the airwaves. Until then, and even afterward, here are some of the names and their Twitter handles, of people to follow. I presume you're already following @ConanOBrien.

Deon Cole @deoncole

Josh Comers @JoshComers

Dan Cronin @Croninwhocares

Andres du Bouchet @dubouchet

Rob Kutner @ApocalypseHow

Todd Levin @toddlevin

Brian McCann @imashithead

Guy Nicolucci @Nicolucci1899

Robert Ashe Jr. @theashetray

Aaron Bleyaert @BigBley

J.P. Buck @buckjp

Scott Chernoff @ScottChernoff

Ryan Clark @TheRyanClark

Jessica Cope @jessacope

Joe Cristalli @JoeCristalli

John Crotteau @JohnCrotteau

Ross Everett @TheRossEverett

Alison Flieri @2degreesofalie

Jeff Greco @jeffgreco

Roey Hershovitz @RoeyDisbanded

Doug Karo @DougKaro

Brian Lodato @COB_music_mixer

Brent Morin @BrentMorin

Keri O'Keeffe @KeriO17

Debbie Wunder @debbiewunder

If you'd like to keep up with the people with Twitter accounts who worked for, and continue to work for Conan, you can also do it in one click via Conan blogger Aaron Bleyeart's Twitter list of Conan Twitters.

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