GOP hires President Obama impersonator, backfires. Racial jokes: OK; Republican jokes: Not so much

FOX News has hired Reggie Brown, an impersonator of President Barack Obama, to perform a song for Mike Huckabee and debate actual Congressman Ron Paul for John Stossel. So why not invite Brown to do his Obama for some yuks at the Commander in Chief’s expense at theĀ Republican Leadership Conference gathering in New Orleans over the weekend?


The right-wingers loved when Brown as Obama joked about race and his heritage, groaned about Weiner, and then outright booed anytime he made a crack about the Republicans themselves. Which prompted the RLC guys to whisk him offstage abruptly as he tried to make a gag about presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann.

I don’t know what the GOP was thinking when they hired Brown for their event, because this doesn’t make the Grand Old Party look grand at all.

Sean L. McCarthy

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