I know all of you got so excited yesterday about Conan O'Brien's live North America theater tour that you promptly bought up as many tickets as you could (including most if not all of the two nights here in NYC at Radio City Music Hall). But did you notice who his opening act is going to be???

Reggie Watts!

Yes. Audiences everywhere are going to be in for a treat. Those who frequent this site or know anything about comedy already pretty much know and love Watts. Those who don't know him yet and experience him for the first time, usually go from wha? to hahahah! And now this. Comedy Central has its first sneak peak at the CD/DVD combo that Watts has coming to an actual or digital storefront near you on May 18. It's called, "Why Shit So Crazy?!" And if you recall my earlier post on Watts holding auditions for the music video of one of his most popular songs, then you can see how that turned out now. The recorded version of "Fuck Shit Stack" is stripped down from some of its urgency that Watts normally projects live, but I think it's an interesting choice, because it allows you to focus on the surrealism of the visuals. Instead of attacking you with a sonic assault, it's more of a kick-back and let it soak in kind of vibe. And, oh, hey Kumail.

Are you ready for this? I said, are you ready for this? Roll the clip!