Keegan-Michael Key talks improv with Stephen Colbert on The Late Show

In a live conversation on Tuesday’s episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, host Colbert looked forward to sitting down with guest Keegan-Michael Key to talk about his new movie, Don’t Think Twice, because it’s rooted in improv comedy.

Of course, Colbert, like Key, got his start at The Second City.

They joked about funny improv troupe names — Key noted Hans Christian Yes Andersen, as well as his own home group out of Second City Detroit, The 313, while Colbert shouted out Cardiff Giant and their show, LBJFKKK. Colbert pointed out how Key’s life mirrors parts of his role in Don’t Think Twice. And then Key and Colbert made fun of the fact that show business operates by rules opposite of improv team comedy. Watch them play around with “Yes, And,” and also talk about the joys of teaching improv to new student comedians.

Don’t Think Twice opens Friday in a movie theater near you.

Roll the clip!

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