Stephen Colbert won the Grammy Award on Sunday night for best comedy album for his collection of all-star duets on "A Colbert Christmas."

When you have talent like Elvis Costello, Willie Nelson, John Legend, Toby Keith and Feist helping you out, Colbert's disc certainly had a much richer musical experience for Grammy voters (compared to say, the vocal stylings of fellow comedy nominee Kathy Griffin). I'm OK with this win a lot more than I was trying to figure out how The Lonely Island's parody of rap, "I'm On A Boat," ended up outside of the comedy category and competing with actual rap/sung collaborations. But Colbert himself would scold me for getting off of the topic, which was how much Colbert owned the Grammys. They had him deliver the opening monologue; gave him one of the first Apple iPads to mock Jay-Z with from the stage; gave his daughter, Madeline, a chance to shine on national television (calm down, fellas); and with all of that, Colbert even managed last night on his own Comedy Central show to find a way to play into the humor of his caricature. Amazing. Let's relive this all through the use of videos, shall we? Brilliant.

Colbert and his daughter, Madeline, work the red carpet, with an interview from TV Guide's correspondents, Carrie Ann Inaba and Chris Harrison. Nice way to work in a Justin Bieber reference! Who are you wearing?

Colbert delivers the opening monologue for the Grammys, says hi to the talent, mocks the talent, and gets his daughter some face time:

Colbert wins a Grammy and gives a sincere acceptance speech, then talks backstage to the press…

And upon his return to The Colbert Report, he figured out how his character would react, not by being modest but by looking at Grammy precedents to see why he obviously deserves to win the Nobel Peace Prize next. Even if he has to kill a guy? Hmmm.